T'ai Chi at The White Elephant

T'ai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of exercise that is now widely known around the world..  It is a relaxing series of movements that can be practiced by young and old alike. Its therapeutic physical benefits include improved flexibility, balance and coordination.  If practiced regularly, T'ai Chi can lead to better circulatory and respiratory health.  In addition, practitioners can quickly achieve a sense of calm and well-being. Beginning in January of 2015, Nick and Valerie will be teaching T'ai Chi on Thursday nights from 6:00 to 7:15 PM.  Drop-in classes are $12.00, or you can by a 6-week series for $60.00. To contact Valeri or Nick, call (978) 544-6083 or e-mail them at walnuthilltracking@verizon.net.


Join Alysa as she deepens her curiousity and passion for the Yogi way.  From newcomers to established yogis all can flow in a soothing, inspiring practice with Alysa at 9:00 AM on Fridays. Connect body and mind with breath and movement for a fully integrated experience. Alysa can be contacted at (706) 587-7507 or at aa7stephens@gmail.com.


Back in Balance Yoga with Dr. Caitlin Smith
Wednesdays at 7:15 PM
This is a dynamic class of delicate transitions and graceful breath initiated through movement through powerful portures to create integrated strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, and a killer workout.  It is playful, energizing and takes you to the edge with a pace that is aerobic, fluid and challenging.  A class for the active and physically fit. Caitlin is a licensed chiropractor and a licensed massage therapist as well as being a certified yoga teacher.  To contact Caitlin, call her at (978) 855-0039 or go to: caitlinbackinbalancechiro@gmail.com.

Pray as though everything depended upon God.  Behave as if everything depended upon you.
                       St. Augustine