Live light, travel light.
Spread the light, be the light.
There is nothing more precious than self-trust.

Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.

Connie will be returning to Mahar Regional School on Tuesday, September 15th.  Classes will be from 6:00 to 7:15.  For those in the region the cost is $50.00.  For those without, the cost is $75.00. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT.  I will be returning to The White Elephant in February.
Compassion accepts others as they are.  One who thoroughly realizes compassion no longer sees any separation between self and others.  Compassion is the wholesome and spontaneous response to all situations.   Tarthang Tulku
Loren Magruder  is teaching on Thursday nights from 6:00 to 7:30.  Loren has a wealth of training from many yogic traditions.  She has studied with Eileen Muir, Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee.  Loren's classes are challenging, but accessible to all levels.  For more information, you can reach Loren at (802) 683-8383, or e-mail her at

As of Wednesday, May 6, 2015, yoga class rates will increase to a $12.00 drop-in fee, or a class card of 5 sessions for $ 50.00.  The teachers at The White Elephant have not increased their rates since 2008 when we first opened. Students will continue to pay 1/2 price 0r $6.00/session.  If you are experiencing any financial difficulty, please tell your yoga teacher and we will certainly try to accomodate you.  Many thanks for your continued support of The White E.
NEW AYURYOGA ON WEDNESDAY AMS with Charlotte Weltzin from 9:00-10:15 begins on May 6th.  This will be a gentle yoga class with Ayervedic principles woven through
out the class.  Charlotte is a 200 hr. certified yoga teacher and a Kripalu certified Ayurvedic Practioner.  She is also the owner of Trilliam Ayurveda in North Orange. For further information, call Charlotte at (413) 687-2906.

Spring Meditation Class beginning April 27th with Jo Ellen Boskind.  The class will run for 4 weeks to May 8th.  For more information, call Jo Ellen at 249-0929.
There will be NO yoga class on Easter Sunday. Enjoy your practice BEFORE lunch.
Mandala Dancers Return to The White Elephant on April 11th at 7:30 Come join the mystical, musical experience at a Mandala Dancers gathering to celebrate the coming of spring. Please try to be there by 7:30 for the introduction ceremony. The event is child friendly, as long as the child is under close supervision of a parent. Fee for adults is $10-$15.00. Children are free.

Ayurveda comes to The White Elephant

Charlotte Weltzin  will offere a 4-part series in Ayurveda at The White Elephant beginning on Saturday, February 28th at 2:00.  The following classes will be on March 14, March 28, and April 4.
You will discover how to manage your health as we transition into spring. Often called Yoga's sister, Ayerveda is the Science of Wisdom of Living. It has much to offer for the management of chronic disease and stress.  Charlotte is a 200 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher and she is completing her Masters degree in Ayervedic Medicine The drop-in fee for each class is $12.00, or pay $40.00 for the series.  To contact Charlotte with questions, ot to sign up, E-mail her at

Equanimity: "Pain and pleasure are not the issue; what matters is a quality of mind that is stable, mindful, benenvolent, and generous in the presence of pleasure or pain." 
                The Abbi Dhama


to cocktail party on March 14, 2015 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM

at the home of Connie Pike and Mike Magee

110 Holtshire Road in Orange  (corner of West River St. & Holtshire,- in the middle of Route 2).

You may park at our barn across the street, or at the back of our house, or in our driveway or along Holtshire Road.

Comestibles and potables are very welcome.

Please RSVP to Connie at 

The White Elephant will contune to offer FUN FRIDAYS from 9:00 TO 10:30 AM on Friday mornings. However, instead of one teacher, you will have three of us:  Caitlin, Brandy and Connie.
See you there!

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Ghandi
Please join me back at The White Elephant on February 3rd for my Tuesday class from 6:00-7:15 PM. I am returning from spending Tuesday nights at Mahar, and look forward to see you all again in my beautiful home studio  Connie