The Brahma Viharas

Brahma Viharas
are four practices that awaken the most beautiful and hopeful aspects of human nature. They were thought to be one path toward living in the realm of the "heavenly abodes."

They are as follows:

Metta — loving kindness or benevolence
The mantra is:
"May I be happy
May I be at peace with all I am facing
May I be safe from harm
May I love and be loved
May I shine radiant with joy."

The meditation first focuses on the self;
then a benefactor;
then a neutral person;
then a less neutral person;
then an aversive person.

Karuna — Compassion
The mantra is:
 "May my suffering lead to greater wisdom and compassion."

Mudhita — Joy
The mantra is:
 "May my good fortune continue to increase."

Upekkha — Equanimity
The mantra is:
 "I am the owner of my own karma. Happiness and unhappiness come out of my behavior, not from outside forces."